Top 5 Movies of 2013

The new year 2014 is just around the corner and it will be here before we all know it. As we wind down from the hectic pace of the professional life, the majority of us will be pre-occupied with a couple of things at heart. One question that I ask myself is what're the items that left the deepest impression in my memory. The next question is what big plans for 2014 do we've in mind?

Being a movie nut, a very natural question that came to my head is what would be the greatest blockbuster movie of 2013 that I would remember for times to come? I'm not the harshest hollywood critics but I'd still say a few of the films that have been developing haven't been quite good lately. Some movies are simply used as a showcase of the newest visual effects capability while some are simply just created out of the sake of making a film, I feel.

For now, I am just going to list down a few of the movies that in my own view, are better off compared to the rest.


  • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • Before Midnight
  • The Wolverine
  • 12 Years A Slave
  • Captain Phillips
  • The Great Gatsby



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